talk with Alessandro Fonte & Silvia Susanna

BY DESIGN OR BY DISASTER | Master in Eco-Social Design | University of Bolzano

nanotourism is a platform to research and produce participatory, locally-oriented, non-intrusive strategies as an alternative to the current environmental, social and economic problems of the booming tourism industries.

An international team of experts undertook the research, establishing open source models of nanotourism (case studies) awarded with the highest honour at BIO50 – 24th Biennial of Design of Ljubljana curated by Jan Boelen, and further developed though several platforms including the AA Visiting School in Slovenia.

BIO50}hotel, one of the nanotourism’s pioneering case studies, establishes a temporary exhibition hotel model in which the users/guests become an active part of the exhibition thus redefining it as a platform for cultural exchange.

nanotourism at atelier clerici / fuori salone / milan design week | 13/04/2015

nanotourism is part of the atelier clerici selection during fuorisalone / milan design week 2015

Atelier Clerici is an independent event and exhibition project at the centre of the Fuorisalone 2015. Situated in one of Milan’s most distinguished palazzi, Palazzo Clerici, it will bring together designers, companies and institutions experimenting with new forms of living and making.

Other participants in Atelier Clerici 2015 include Brit van Nerven, chp...?, Commonplace, Coralie Gourguechon, Design Academy Eindhoven, Emilie Pallard & Niels Heymans, Gabriel A. Maher, Govert Flint, Jesse Howard, Leonardo Amico, MacGuffin, Maniera, Minale-Maeda, Opendesk, OS ∆ OOS, PlueerSmitt, Prokoss-Mobilrot, PROOFFLab Magazine curated by Studio Makkink&Bey, Silvia Neretti, Space Caviar, SYNOPSIS, Unfold, Vincent Tarisien, Wiktoria Szawiel, Z33 with Hella Jongerius and Louise Schouwenberg.

BIO50 report on TRANSFER (HRT) | 16/01/2015

watch the BIO50 report on TRANSFER ( from the minute 15:14)


Check the article by Elke Krasny including reflection upon nanotourism and BIO50}hotel on the last issue of ARCHITESE.

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BIO 50 Conference on Future of Design Policy in Slovenia | 05/12/2014

Check the videos from the conference The Future of Design Policy in Slovenia. BIO 50 served as an inspiration for exchanging views and opinions on design in the future.

link to all the videos.

Possible futures

Jan Boelen


Tina Gregorič

BIO 50 } hotel

Alessandro Fonte

The Ljubljana Biennale, from AA to Zaven | 03/12/2014

from the review by Marco Sammicheli:

It’s probably a form of design exhibition that a lot of visitors will not expect. But one that is very engaging once you start looking and start getting into the projects,” says Konstantin Grcic in the video accompanying the announcement of the Ljubljana Biennale intitled Bio 50 (until 7 December). Together with Alice Rawsthorn and Saša J. Mächtig, Grcic was part of the jury that awarded the exhibition’s highest honour, the Best Collaboration Award, to Nanotourism, a project to revitalize the Slovenian tourism industry by exploiting the disciplinary flexibility and collaborative platforms of design, starting with micro-scale rethinking of graphics, communication and services.

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From the report by Heini Lehtinen:

The exhibited projects present a well-received variety of new approaches and aspects of challenges of everyday life, but the biggest value of the projects lies in the learning processes and the continuation of collaborations. This attitude, the processes and the communication of the participants are also documented in the rather massive catalogue of the biennial.

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Interview with Tina Gregorič | 25/11/2014

Official channel of the Museum of Architecture, Ljubljana:
Interview with the mentor of the Nanotourism BIO50 team.


Biennial Turns Ljubljana into a Laboratory - Report on BIO50 on FRAME | 14/11/2014

From the report by Lauren Grieco:

Presented the Biennial's Best Collaboration Award, a group of architects, designers and students mentored by Aljoša Dekleva and Tina Gregorič assessed a small-scale form of tourism dubbed ‘nanotourism’. A growing grassroots alternative to conventional resorting turns any city – big or small – into a place to be experienced and explored like a local. Taking the new concept for a spin, the BIO 50 } hotel is a temporary accommodation set up within the MAO in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Alessandro Fonte and Silvia Susanna conceived of the temporary accommodation as part of BIO 50's nanotourism theme.

After check-in, visitors receive pillows and blankets to make themselves comfortable within the MAO. Guests are free to rest their weary head on temporary beds made from a block of solid foam, a site-specific hammock or an engineered levitation suit for 3D sleeping suspended from overhead beams. Loose wooden planks can be moved with a wheel barrow and configured into a personalized bed. Instead of a monetary payment for their stay, guests are asked for a 1:1 exchange in the form of a contribution by either rearranging the exhibition’s contents or giving a lecture to museum visitors. Their activity within the museum’s Biennial exhibitions will keep the cultural institution activated after closing time.

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BIO50}hotel on | 10/11/2014

text by Nina Ivaniš

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