BIO50 coverage on the cultural program PLATFORMA on RTV SLOVENIA | 03/11/2014


Ali oblikovanje lahko preide od produkcije predmetov in storitev za vsakdanje življenje k produkciji vsakdanjega življenja samega? Bienale oblikovanja se ob svoji 50. obletnici sprašuje o stvareh, ki so za človeka relevantne. Hrana, voda, turizem, dostopno življenje, vse to in še več, je v središču bienala, ki ga predstavljamo v oddaji Platforma.

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Louise Schouwenberg on BIO 50 and the future of design fairs on DEZEEN | 09/10/2014

From the report by Louise Schouwenberg:

By far one of the best collaborative efforts, with the best results, was the Nanotourism team that researched sustainable forms of tourism, both in and outside of Slovenia. By promoting a form of tourism that makes use of local possibilities, is organised bottom-up, and assumes an active participation of future tourists, the projects are implicitly commenting on the current tourist industry and the harmful consequences it has on ecosystems and local conditions. But more than this, they offer imaginative, viable alternatives.

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BIO50 Ljubljana on ICON | 06/10/2014

text by Crystal Bennes

The Slovenian design biennial avoided the lure of celebrity, instead inviting designers from around the globe to team up and tackle real-world problem.

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Interview with Alessandro Fonte and Silvia Susanna (BIO50}hotel) on dnevnik | 29/09/2014

Če je v muzejih dotikanje razstavnih eksponatov strogo prepovedano, je te dni v Muzeju za arhitekturo in oblikovanje drugače. Silvia Susanna in Alessandro Fonte sta v muzeju uresničila idejo o hotelu, ki ima svoje sobe v prostorih muzeja, pohištvo pa postanejo kar razstavni eksponati.

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BIO 50 experiments with design of everyday life in ljubljana - designboom | 24/09/2014

Ljubljana’s biennial ‘BIO 50’ questions the design of everyday life through various process-driven collaborative projects completed in the prior six months.

report by trent fredrickson

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The Best Collaboration Award at BIO 50: Nanotourism | 18/09/2014

Nanotourism has been awarded with the the exhibition’s highest honour the Best Collaboration Award by the BIO50 jury (Konstantin Grcic, Saša J. Maechtig, Alice Rawsthorn).

Jury report:

We were tremendously impressed by the quality, dynamism and originality of the projects in BIO 50, especially as they address so many important and contentious issues facing contemporary design. In an intensely turbulent era when we face radical, potentially destructive changes on so many fronts, BIO 50 plays an indispensible role in suggesting possible solutions thanks to the diligence, determination and vision of Jan Boelen and his gifted collaborators.

The Best Collaboration Award at BIO 50: Nanotourism 
Nanotourism is an outstanding example of design ingenuity being used to reinvent and reinvigorate an important area of the Slovenian and other economies. 
The quality of the individual projects is exceptionally high. They are original, appealing and so pragmatic that they promise to endure. From a collaborative perspective, Nanotourism is both ambitious and highly complex and has dealt with a range of local communities with sensitivity and charm, while demonstrating the ever more eclectic nature of design and its potential to improve the quality of everyday life.

Konstantin Grcic, Saša J. Maechtig, Alice Rawsthorn 
BIO 50 Jury 

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